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Nov 28, 2013 7:00pm EST
erected in his memory along the charles river in boston, massachusetts. >> she talked about the establishment of the library. can you talk about what she did to preserve and enhance the legacy of john kennedy's presidency? >> it did start with the library. j.f.k. looked at what was going to be the site of his presidential library on the boston side of the charles across the river from most of harvard. she started to raise money for it and she began to think about who should be the architect. most people would have found an established architect like edward dorrel stone who did the kennedy center here in washington, known for doing government buildings and in my view surpassing ugliness and massiveness. she employed one that was little known because she was thought he was much more in the spirit of j.f.k. who was young and was not well known himself. >> she also -- speaking of architect. the president with john carl weirneke. he had helped her with the saving of lafayette square and putting in low rise brick buildings that blended in. he designed the grave site. she worked hard w
Nov 29, 2013 10:00am EST
. you also see it is an advantage to the republicans. you see precincts in massachusetts where the immigrant areas do not do as well. it is the republican party which puts the amendment through. the south is not particularly into it. neither is the traditional immigrant culture. it is the native american or older stock, republican areas to which are more interested in putting suffragette. it is something which boosts harding that year. he is a hell of a lot better looking than james cox. >> this is the first presidential election that had read your coverage of the results. the reported the election results across the nation. i want to bring in two other points. first of all, florence harding liked astrology. it was to her very important way of getting information, gathering strategies. she had a relationship with an astrologer. who was she? >> madame marcia. she wasn't alone in this. it was an interesting period of time. lots of people believe this. if anything, people were more criticized who were following astrology than even now. nevertheless, she found in t extremely important.
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2